A Deepers Magnetometer MAG 505 is a very strong metal detector that only becomes active in the presence of iron or steel found in any form and also in the presence of black sand that contains gold dust and gold nuggets mixed with high concentrations of iron ore. Very often, gold is found in old river beds because it has been deposited with iron. This complimentary machine is indispensable for any serious prospector. Together with a Pulse Induction Detector, which remains an essential instrument for prospecting, the Deepers MAG 505 offers excellent results localizing direct new targets, cross checking information, to check targets already localized but not totally identified and to have more information about them.
The Deepers MAG 505 is an easy to use, professional instrument that permits localizing targets even if these are buried deep being basically of iron or steel. The vast majority of deposits and treasures contain some amount of iron or steel even if this is found in the containers they are hidden in. Using a Magnetometer such as our Deepers MAG 505 can localize deep targets making sure that nothing gets away since this type of equipment is very sensitive and reacts immediately upon the presence of these metals better that any other type of detector.
Gold nugget weighing 72 grams found in a deposit of black sand
Gold prospectors will be very interested in using a powerful Magnetometer to localize black sand banks or black gravel that frequently is associated with gold; this is where great quantities of this metal can be found. From the surface, old river beds can be found and explored systematically to find high concentrations of black sand or black gravel. This is the fastest method to determine the depth of these banks of black sand with a Deepers MAG 505. Also, with the help of manual drill samples may be taken and determine the presence of noble metals before proceeding to dig.
Most common “treasure chests”
Metal trunk from 1650/1700
          Full of coins...
Iron metal trunks (painted iron, galvanized iron, military trunks) have been used for a long time to hide or bury valuables. Long before this, but in the same fashion, trunks were also used to transport numerous treasures. Pirates used wooden chests with iron reinforcements, handles, girths and iron locks.
The wood in these chests is now completely destroyed but the iron parts even if badly rusted will still be easily detected with a  Deepers MAG 505
Older chests from the medieval ages up to the time of conquering America were made of wrought iron. These types of chests had enormous locks that easily give away their location with a Deepers MAG 505. Quite a few treasures were hidden in chests such as the ones we have described.
Chest lock from the year 1645
Pots, boxes and other objects were used to stash away treasures, whether you believe it or not. These objects can be buried 2 yards deep and be found perfectly with a Deepers MAG 505 Magnetometer.
A tin and iron pot was found at over 2 yards deep when a farmer in Périgord, France was taking out some old trees… To his great surprise, the pot contained 450 gold coins from the 16th century and a wonderful gold and ivory cross.
Another container with treasure found in Spain
Antique arms are frequently found along with treasures which make discovering new sites very easy to localize with a Magnetometer. The list of treasures found is long and numerous to describe. Let us just tell you that a pistol can be localized, depending on the size, anywhere from 31 to50 inches deep, a sable will be detected at 40 inches deep and that a rifle can be discovered even if it is buried 60 inches deep, all with a Deepers MAG 505.
Pistolet Remigton US 1875  
Sabre 1865  
When using a Deepers MAG 505 on an ancient battle field, even if the battle was fought in the Middle Ages, arrows, spears heads, firing shots and other things will be found. This is a very passionate occupation that can rapidly turn into a beautiful collection.
A well informed famous treasure hunter Alain Châtillon, Président Latincom-Mex SA & Deepers Detector Co and his Deepers MAG 505 in the Pyrenees Mountains - France
Black Sand : the cue to find Gold !