Juicing On A Budget For Beginners

Nothing is quite as refreshing and as healthy as a glass of freshly squeezed juice. On a hot day if you reach for a carton of juice from the fridge then you know what we are talking about. However to take your nutrition to the next level then you are going to have to use your own juicer rather than relying on store bought products. While there is nothing wrong with these products you can find in your local market, they have their limitations, both in variety and in nutrients.

The most popular brands of juice will be of your garden variety fruits and vegetables. Oranges, grapes, cranberries are some of the most common kinds of juices sold. Some of the more nutritious types of green juices are harder to find and they will cost you quite a bit more. The reason for this is that they are difficult to preserve and must be consumed right away. There will be a higher price to pay for these types of drinks and they are not going to make a lot of economical sense to consume every day.

I Thought Juicing Was Expensive

This is one of the main drawbacks of owning your own juice extractor. The higher quality machines are typically going to be a sizable investment up front. Then you have the cost of buying fresh produce to make your drinks. While this is true, there are ways to minimize the cost while increasing your vitamin intake.

If you think about how much fresh foods are in a recommended daily allowance you might think it impossible to eat all of that each and every day. Modern juicers let you get all of the goodness of fruits and veggies down to just one or two glasses of juice. This is going to save you a huge amount of time, and how valuable is your time? For a lot of folks this convenience is worth it to improve their diets.

Finding A Good Juicer

If you have looked at recent juicer reviews you will see that most of the highly rated ones will cost between $150 and $300. That is a lot of money to shell out for something that you are not sure you will stick with. If you look a little harder you should have no trouble finding a budget juicer for a little bit less than that. We recommend that you don’t stray below the $100 mark as the cheaper juicers will not leave you satisfied. You want something that works well, is easy to use, and is a machine that you will want to use every day. Cheap extractors can be poorly constructed, wobble on your counter, give you low juice yield and quality.

The two models we recommend for those looking to save a little up front are the Breville BJE200XL centrifugal juicer and the Cuisinart CJE-1000. These are both centrifugal juicers that will cost you right around $100. They are extremely simple to use, will give you decent yield, and are relatively easy to clean. For those just starting out these are both good choices.

Your Ingredients

Now that you have a juicer it is time to use it. The best thing that you can do to save money in this area is to buy in bulk. Avoid prepackaged items and purchase by the pound. Farmer’s markets are great for this and you can try and haggle on the price as well. A bunch of carrots with the stems on them is going to be a little bit less than a package of baby carrots. Once you have some experience you will get the hang of how much to buy without throwing out what you can’t use later on.

One of the by-products of juicing is that you are left with a bunch of dry pulp. Don’t throw this out. This is a good source of dietary fiber that you can use later on such as cake toppings or in soups. This will allow you to use everything and have very little go to waste.

Worth The Effort

You only get one body and treating it the best you can now will pay off for you in the future. The vitamins and nutrients that are in fruits and vegetables are going to be vital to maintaining your health over the long run. Yes, juicing is going to be more effort, and cost more money then eating a salad or two every day, but it not all of us enjoy grazing each and every day. Using a juicer will provide variety, give you something refreshing, and save you a tremendous amount of time. There are numerous benefits that make it worth it and being on a budget should not stop you. Here is to your health.

Check out the video below for a couple of more decent budget juicer ideas that will help you change your diet and improve your heath. Save a little and gain a lot.

Fun Juice Recipes To Help You Enjoy Kale


Kale is one of those en vogue super vegetables that have been getting a fair share of press. But some of the hype does have merit as kale is one of the most nutritious and vitamin dense green veggies out there. It also makes a supreme addition to any juicing recipe. Now, straight up kale juice is probably going to be hard to swallow for most people. This is why mixing it with other sweet tasting ingredients is the way to go. We have decided to put together a few easy to make recipes that you can use at home with your own juicer to help you take full advantage of the nutrient dense power of kale.

The Kale Smoothie

  • 2 cups kale
    2 cups spinach
    Fruits (banana, apples, oranges)
    Yogurt plain
    Flax seed Meal

On the fruit section you can add frozen or fresh that will put flavor into the smoothie. Make sure that you pack the kale and the spinach at the bottom of a blender and then on top of that all the other ingredients that will end up a tasty smoothie to drink.

This is a simple process that anyone can put together. Blend all the ingredients for about a minute until it does become smooth. If you want it a little colder just add ice to the mix to make it palatable.

By adding the kale and spinach to this recipe will offer you nutrition in the form of Vitamin K as well as fiber. Kale offers cancer protection and lowers the cholesterol level in our bodies as well. Kale also is an excellent source of antioxidants and helps promote eye health.

Kale with Greens

  • Stalk of celery (1 only)
    Cucumbers (3)
    Kale leaves (4)
    Apples (2)
    Ice cubes (add to flavor)

Now there really doesn’t seem to be many ingredients here but there doesn’t need to be. These ingredients put into a juicer are great for an energizer type of drink in the morning. Kale delivers so many nutrients as compared to other leafy vegetables that it should be made a staple in any type of drink.

This recipe also helps in weight loss control for people that need help in that area as well. Incorporating kale with these juicing recipes again helps with lowering cholesterol levels and fighting off cancer cells.

Kale Free For All Smoothie

  • Bananas (2)
    Apples (2)
    Oranges (2)
    Seedless Grapes
    Kale (handful)

Blend together to your desired level and add ice if you want it deliciously cold. The fruits used in this smoothie are left up to your imagination. Other type fruits that can be used include; carrots, parsley, broccoli, grapefruit, cantaloupe and pineapple just to name a few. Just make sure that you wash and rinse them well to ensure any pesticides are washed away. Kale really doesn’t have a flavor associated with it and that’s why the fruits will overshadow that in the flavor department.

Juicing Leafy Greens

Leafy foods are something that a lot of people that get into juicing want to try at least once. They offer a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals that make them such great choices for any recipe. To get the absolute most out these types of vegetables you are going to want to get yourself a cold press or masticating juicer. This method of juicing is going to extract a significantly higher amount of juice than a centrifugal juicing machine. This is especially true if you plan to juice a lot of kale, cabbage, spinach, watercress, and the like. You are going to be wasting a lot of time and money trying to do large amounts of these veggies in a centrifugal juicer. Blenders are great as well since you will get more fiber, but all of the pulp may be hard to swallow. Go with a masticating juice extractor for best results and don’t look back.

The Potent Pear And Why You Should Be Juicing It


Pears are very sweet summer fruits and are widely known for their numerous health benefits. The fruit can help you fight many health problems because they have a lot of anti-oxidants and fiber content. Pears are a healthful snacking choice because they are packed with nutrients and are always good for kids because of their cooling effects. There are different varieties of pears and it is important to point out that their major season runs from August to October. You can always apply some pressure on the neck to find out if the fruit is ready to eat or not. It is advisable to eat the pears with its skin because most of the health benefits are found in the skin. The following are some of the major health benefits of pears and the main reasons that you should be consuming more of these tasty fruits. They also make smart additions to your juicing recipes.

Benefits That Pears Can Provide

Tons of research has been done on the nutrients and power of the pear. Here are just some of the potential ways that getting more pears into your diet may positively affect your health.

Fights Free Radicals

Free radicals end up damaging body cells and that is why it is important to have antioxidants in the system to fight hem. Pears have very important nutrients like copper, vitamin K and Vitamin C that act as antioxidants. It is advisable if possible to eat pears on a daily because they constitute a large percentage of the recommended daily intake of copper and vitamin C.

Cancer Prevention

Different types of cancer can be prevented by eating this special type of fruit. Pears reduce the risk of colon cancer by helping the body to get rid of cancer-causing chemicals in the colon. The fruit also protects your body from other types of cancer by binding to bad cholesterol. The risk of cancer in post-menopausal women is normally reduced by up to 34% by eating fiber-rich fruits like pears.


Pears do not produce an allergic response when eaten and this has been proven by a few studies that have been conducted by medical experts. It is because of this reason that the fruit can be given to infants without having to worry about possible allergic reactions. Hypoallergic fruits are normally considered safe for consumption by people with different conditions.

Diabetes Control

Pears make a smart snack for diabetes patients because of its low glycemic index. The high fiber content also helps a great deal in controlling diabetes. Pears help to control blood sugar levels because its carbs are normally absorbed slowly by the blood steam and in the process prevent a spike in blood sugar. Pears can satisfy your craving for sweetness without any health complications.

Prevents Heart Disease

Pears protect you from heart diseases because the high cholesterol in the body is reduced in a great by the presence of fiber in the fruit. It is possible to reduce the risk of stroke by up to 50% with a daily intake of fiber-rich fruits like pears. The dietary fiber in fiber heals a great deal removing bad cholesterol from the body in form of bile salts. The fiber binds to bile salts and in the process lowers the levels of bad cholesterol.

Prevents Osteoporosis

It is always important to eat the recommended daily amount of calcium and at the same time maintain the right pH of the body in order to prevent osteoporosis and keep your bones healthy. Pears help your body to absorb the consumed calcium because they are very rich in boron. A daily intake of vegetables and juicy fruits like pears is very important when it comes to maintaining the pH of the body.

Digestive Aid

Fiber is very important when it comes to digestion and therefore fiber-rich fruits like pears are highly recommended. The fruit moves through the colon easily because its fiber is insoluble. It is because of this reason that colon polyps are not common for people that eat pears on a regular basis.

Prevents Skin Damage

Pears help to keep the skin smooth and soft because they are loaded with dietary fibers. They prevent the damage of skin collagen by decelerating the discharge of sugar into the blood stream. Frequent sugar spikes tend to damage skin collagen and this is what the dietary fibers in pears prevent. You will always have that plump look and a smooth skin when your skin collage is protected from any kind of damage. Pears have super effective nutrients and anti-oxidants that can help you stay away from aging by keeping wrinkles away.

Juicing This Fruit

Apart from all of the wonderful health benefits that this food has to offer, one of the truly great things about the pear is its sweet taste. If you are just starting out with juicing and want to try to juice leafy vegetables like kale, then adding a pear into the mix is going to make your efforts more palatable. You will want something sweet to offset that concentrated, sometimes often hard to swallow, taste of straight green juice. This is our go to fruit to help liven up any concoction that we make with our juicer. This will end up being a true life saver for you when you decided to be a little more adventurous with your own recipes.