Cooking Your Vegetables With A Countertop Oven

If going completely raw in your efforts to maintain a vegan lifestyle is too extreme of a move then fear not. Cooking your veggies can be just as rewarding. Whether it is a nice vegetarian fajita, roasted peppers, bean casserole, or anything in between, having a hot meal is easy to achieve with the right equipment. For us, having a toaster oven in the kitchen has been a true blessing. The funny thing is that we do not even use it for making toast. Instead we give it a workout baking, roasting, and broiling some of our favorite vegan meals and side dishes. If you need something to ease your way into this new diet undertaking, a little heat can make a big difference.

We have used primarily a couple of different models over the years, just having upgraded to a real top of the line gem. However, most of our friends make use of a countertop oven as well. We decided to give you some of our favorite ovens that can help your vegetable adventure get off on the right foot. There really is no limit to what you can achieve with food with the right imagination. Once you are set up you can try limitless vegan cooking recipes and take advantage of what it has to offer.

Quick Reviews & Highlights

First, we are not experts at reviewing small appliances, but we do have experience in the kitchen. There is really nothing scientific about our list. It just includes toaster ovens that we really like to use and think you will too.

Breville BOV845BSS Smart Oven Pro

Ok, this is the gem that we mentioned earlier. This is one awesome cooking machine. For years Breville has been the leader in countertop ovens. Their BOV800XL has been consistently ranked as the best toaster oven that you can get for your kitchen. The BOV845BSS is basically the same exact oven but with two added features. First, it has a light on the inside. You would think that every oven out there would come with this but unfortunately the older model Breville’s don’t. This is really handy to have. There is a button for you to activate it whenever you need and it goes off after a few seconds. Also, with 30 seconds left on the counter the light will come on automatically.

The second feature they added was an additional slow cooking setting. This unit comes with 10 preset cooking functions to help take out most of the guesswork. We have yet to use this setting but it is a nice bonus to have.

So far we have been amazed with what we have been able to make with this oven. Casseroles come out perfect and roast sweet peppers are done to perfection. The only negative thing we have to say is that it is a bit pricey. When we last looked it was the most expensive model coming in at nearly $270. It did hurt the pocket book, but we have not regretted it one bit. If you love cooked vegetables like we do then this oven is an ideal choice. Reading up on some of the top tier convection toaster oven reviews will prove why this model is so good in the kitchen.

Cuisinart TOB-155

This was our previous toaster oven that really took a beating. I am not even sure that they make this model any more, but Cuisinart makes some really dependable ovens. We looked into their current offerings and there were a couple that caught our eye. If it was not for the Breville that we ended up getting we would sure have no hesitations about picking up another Cuisinart. It was sad to see our old reliable go, but we got many great years of service. It was our side dish oven that we used for every dinner party that we threw. Our family friends also were sad to see it go since they benefited from it just as much as we did.

Other Brands We Like

Besides Cuisinart and Breville, we have also seen some Oster and Hamilton Beach ovens in action and were also thoroughly impressed. The terrific thing about these two brands in their affordability. If you don’t have the budget to go out and splurge on a new kitchen appliance then these are two names that you should look into.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Some Heat

Going totally raw can be daunting and very hard to keep up daily and this is why adding the comfort of a hot meal can help you get acclimated to such an abrupt change to your diet. Not only will having a toaster oven making things easier to make but they also clean up easily. You want things to be convenient, taste good, and be simple to maintain. A countertop oven can help you with all of these aspects. Don’t be weary, be adventurous in your kitchen and enjoy a lifetime of rewards to your health.